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GHORV Park COVID-19 Rules

Grays Harbor ORV Park is excited to announce that we are opening up for recreation as of Saturday, May 9th.

To protect you and our staff, we ask that you adhere to our COVID-19 park rules.

COVID-19 Park Rules:

  • Maintain 20ft spacing between vehicles when Parking
  • 6ft distance from Person-to-Person
  • No Overnight Camping
  • Must Wear Mask when Not Riding
  • Bring Your Own Hand Sanitizer/Soap
  • No Pit Bike/Bicycle Riding

For our complete park schedule, stay in touch right here on our website.

New Information Within GHORV Website

McCleary, WA. (February 25, 2020) – An all-new website with new pages, new information, new calendars, new links, new sponsors, all for a new decade greets the families of Grays Harbor ORV Park (GHORV). What does this mean for you?

Our goal for those of us at GHORV is to offer information that allows easy access to knowledge. Simply put, we don’t want to force you to call. Our hope is with the new design, you can find the news and or information needed before you leave the house.

The first new page is the very one you are on. The “NEWS” page is for you to find out the latest details on changes that could occur. Nature has a way of turning on a dime and everything along the Southern Sound is no exception. If it’s rider, event, or sponsor related, this is where to find bulletins.

The next button is the “CALENDAR” pages. There are two (2) almanacs that drop-down. First is the “EVENT” calendar. He is where you will find the list of dates for each event in date order. The second calendar is called the “PRACTICE” page. The practice schedule is displayed in a monthly calendar. The two calendars will at some point, be late in changing. It is never our intention to misinform anyone; however, we promise we will do our best. No matter what, always call before you haul.

As you roll to the right, the following button is the “EVENTS” pages. These pages are a reference to events in alphabetic order. It’s also another way to reference when a specific event is occurring at GHORV. If you know the name of an event or series you are following, we have made it easier to find it under EVENTS.

The next series of buttons are somewhat self-explanatory as well. The FEES,

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